modular formwork / frame / metal / for floors



  • Type:

    modular, frame

  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for floors


Rapideck is a system of horizontal formwork, ideal for all types of reinforce concrete decks of large dimensions casted in place.

It is recognizable for its speed and safety during assembly and disassembly thanks to the reduced number of elements (highly integrated with each other and interchangeable) and a full range of accessories (props DIN EN 1065), with which you can make any kind of configuration in an easy and economical way, minimizing and facilitating the infill zone needed and the side closing.

The aluminum frame ensures lightness, while the mantle phenolic plywood makes it water resistant and therefore durable (100+50 uses minimum).

Rapideck is available in both fixed head and drop head configuration. This facilitates the earlier stripping, guaranteeing a considerable saving of time and number of panels.