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Polycrystalline hybrid solar panel
H-NRG Anaf Solar Spa


  • Technology:


  • Peak power:

    230 W (0.31 hp)


High Energy (H-NRG) is a cooling system for photovoltaic collectors, whose main characteristic resides in the capacity to lowe the cell temperature and therefore increase the yearly kWh production.
An aluminium heat exchanger is applied on the back face of the collector module, transferring the heat released by the photovoltaic section to a water/glycol closed circuit.
This circuit dissipates the heat released by the cells through a simple air/liquid or liquid/ liquid heat exchanger, thus lowering the temperature of the photovoltaic collector and increasing its efficiency.

Sensible increase of electric generation.
Hot water production.
Reduction of cell aging.
Winter time deicing via ceiling temperature control.
Pool and sanutary water heating.
Sensible increase Of heat pump COP.
PVT systems require a smaller investment and a smaller area if compared with photovoltaic and thermal separate collectors


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