Aluminum hot-water towel radiator
SERIE T by Matteo Thun Antrax IT

Heating design is the distinctive feature of Antrax IT, a company that has successfully produced designer radiators and fireplaces for years. Thanks to the use of advanced technology and their partnerships with internationally known designers, Antrax IT combines a high level of functionality and aesthetics in every product.
These features have meant that Serie T by Antrax IT has been chosen according to rigorous standards and on merit by the ADI Design Permanent Observatory for its publication ADI Design Index 2012 and it is therefore one of the candidates for the next Golden Compass Award. Originality, innovative production processes and materials and a view to sustainability are at the basis of the ADI selection, which aims to promote the best in Italian design.
Serie T is the first sartorial radiator created in extruded aluminium with a T shaped section. Serie T, by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, has been designed for a made to measure fit for the specific needs of various spaces surrounding it and also meets modern energy saving requirements, thanks to its extremely low water content and excellent heating performance.


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