electric radiator / mirror / contemporary / bathroom
TAVOLA TOTAL by Andrea Crosetta Antrax IT



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    bathroom, rectangular, wall-mounted, vertical, horizontal


Tavola Total Mirror, which is available in 171 cm x 35 cm size protruding from the wall by approximately 7 cm, was conceived to be arranged both horizontally and vertically, and it has an electric power rating of 700 Watts, with levels that can be selected directly on the touch-screen keypad. A dedicated remote control acts as an external thermostat, allowing the mirror radiator to switch on automatically in certain conditions set in advance by the user. Indeed, the remote control is designed to enable multiple functions that are not available on the keypad built into the mirror radiator: comfort mode, night mode, frost protection mode, clock mode, 2 hour timer mode, stand-by mode, eco mode, open window mode and last but not least key lock function. All these functions make it possible to control the mirror radiator according to individual temperature requirements. What's more, the radiator can be programmed to operate according to the chosen mode both on a daily and on a weekly basis. These programs definitely make it easier to use the mirror radiator, which you could find hot and operational as soon as you walk through the door at the end of the day, ensuring you have a comfortable and ideal setting to come home to. Tavola Total Mirror comprises two tempered mirrors separated by a special shatter-proof film that ensures maximum safety.

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