electric radiator / aluminum / contemporary / bathroom
TAVOLA E TAVOLETTA by Andrea Crosetta Antrax IT



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    bathroom, rectangular, wall-mounted, vertical, horizontal


Tavola and Tavoletta are a direct and pragmatic solution to the needs of the bathroom design industry, especially contract, where confined and constricted spaces have to be adapted to, without compromising on highly beguiling styling and full functionality. Tavola and Tavoletta are two similar slim radiators, two "brothers" with the same styling features, yet which work individually and in a complementary fashion. Tavola slim radiator can be ordered in several configurations, depending on the intended surrounding décor. Tavola can be fitted horizontally or vertically and, thanks to a notch in the plate or the application of a special support, it can also serve as a bathrobe hook. Tavola can also be fitted with a mirror the same thickness as the plate itself, which guarantees seamless continuity of the whole and retains the clean-cut linear appearance of the project, emphasising the "décor" concept of this "designer radiator", and it blends in with the other components of the bathroom in order to save space without foregoing comfort and beauty. Tavoletta slim radiator was devised as a satellite accessory, to complement Tavola, yet it still has its own individuality and specific features. Tavoletta comprises a plate which is available in four different sizes, which are smaller than Tavola, and it can serve as a towel rail when fitted horizontally or as a bathrobe hook or towel rack when fitted vertically.

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