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fan heater fan heater - IDRA


Idra is an ideal machine for heating and cooling any ambiance. This type of product has been designed to convey the air into ducts to conduct the treated air in different rooms simultaneously.

Technical Features
Available models: 34kW and 70kW.
Structural extruded aluminium frame 40×40 mm.
Double-sheet panels 25 mm. thick with mineral wool insulation.
Section for fresh/recirculation air mixing.
High-efficiency and direct-current plug fans with high efficiency and integrated inverter controllable with 0-10V signal.
Coils with high thermal-exchange surface for optimal working with 70°C water.
4-ranks coils to grant excellent cooling.
Temperature probe for coil return water control.
Supply: 400V three-phase 50Hz.
IP54 protection.
In compliance with all EC applicable regulations.
Wide range of accessories to customize the product upon requests requirements.