evacuated tubular thermal panel / for air conditioning / for water heating / for heating



  • Technology:

    evacuated tubular

  • Function:

    for air conditioning, for water heating, for heating

  • Other characteristics:

    with frame


The Apricus AP-30 (30 tube) collector is designed for use in a wide variety of solar thermal applications in almost any climate.
The evacuated tube and heat pipe technology provides very efficient and reliable solar thermal production in an easy to install, low maintenance design. For an overview of the Apricus AP evacuated tube solar collector design and key features,
A single AP-30 tube collector is ideal for residential households of 4-5 people, able to provide 60-80% of domestic hot water demand (depending on location).

For commercial projects that demand a lot more hot water such as such as hotels, dormitories and car washes, multiple AP-30 collectors can be connected to form a larger solar thermal array.