Original design chandelier (silk)
SUNSA 21 Aqua Creations

Silk over metal, 0118"x118", 0 300X 300cm, 42X23Watt bulbs

The Sunsa chandelier suggests
visions of radiant, luminous
colonies of flying saucers,
clouds, or leaves over water. It
was derived from a site specific
project in Valencia, which was
then developed into the Sunsa
The structure of the Sunsa
chandelier is made of brushed
stainless steel.
Sunsa 21 is available in ø 60 cm /
24” and ø 76 cm / 30” shades.
Chandelier length: 150 - 600 cm /
60 - 236”.
Maximum chandelier diameter:
330 cm - 130”.
This chandelier is highly
customizable to fit a specific


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