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DMX controller


DMX controllers enable the water jet. lighting and music synchroni
zation. With the controller possibilities (more than hundreds
spotlights driven by one controller), animation creation become
without limits.
DMX controllers allow to control complex lighting installations. It is
able to manage all devices with DMX input (LED driver. Mp3 player,
dimmer, ...). With the assorted PX206 switch, it is possible to
command all on/off devices (Water Play System, solenoid valves,...).
The device is programmed with the application designed for
Windows platform and communicates through the USB port. After
configuration the controller operate entirely independently.
Control mode of the module may be external, with buttons (for
instance with the movement detectors or dusk switches), remote
control and DMX controller, or internal, with built-in clock, that
allows to precisely schedule events.
The programing is easy, with the supplied program, fixed scenes
and fader duration definitions are the first step. After these scenes
are assembled in programs. The additional convenience is the
application for creating lighting configurations' visualizations.
The controller can be associated with a PX181 touch screen and
enhance possibilities to launch programmed functions.


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