fixed partition / glazed / professional / for offices



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    professional, for offices

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Soundproofing and stability

The Kristal Twin partition is custom designed, every project is followed and calculated for the best aestethic and acoustic realization. Twin is certified for soundproofing up to 44 dB according to the UNI EN ISO 10140-2:2010 and UNI EN ISO 717-1:2013 for the glazed and blind partition.

Its solid structure allowed to obtain also the resistance certification to impact with hard and soft body according to the UNI 8201:1981, an important goal for the security in the office.


Kristal Twin is a flexible and integrated product in the Arcadia production, designed for environments which require high acoustic performance without giving up the elegant look of the glass. Realized also in the version with panels in melamine according to the KWS colors, Kristal Twin allows to integrate within its own profiles also the equipped partitions of the Wall System series and bookcases Compact.

The structure of the Kristal TWIN partition allows to obtain a recess system of the profiles to the floor and to the ceiling, so as to hide the horizontal profiles leaving only the glass in view.