floor-mounted office divider / glass / PVC / aluminum



  • Installation:


  • Material:

    glass, PVC, aluminum

  • Options:




Along these years, to optimize and better improve the finishes, we have realized more than 70 drawing aluminum profiles. The hardware used is FULL IN METAL, this ensures the strength of the partition over the years, in addition to improving the aesthetic. The backs are finished with a special a thick edge (ABS or PVC 2mm).

Open Space and its versatility

The Open Space partitions share the same structure of the Wall System 1 and Wall System 3 taking advantage from their strength points, it allow the division of the spaces in open environments. The Open Space partition have different heights that is of 109 cm, 141 cm, 173 cm, 221 cm and it should not be fastened at the ceiling. The perimetric frames are made in anodized alluminum, which cover horizontally the space between two modules.

Open Space is the best way to create organized and tidy spaces:

Box office;
Equipped Box office;
Partitions to divide environments.


The starting frames of the modules are made in alluminum, they allow to link all our partitions from Wall System to Kristal obtaining the best aesthetic. These modules are available for Kristal 10 and Wall System in the following versions: with rounded frame, with square frame, with double or single glass.
Thanks to our study, it is possible to join our series, obtaining a continuity in the style of the project.

All the partition’s elements (backs, doors, glazed modules, bases ecc.) are free-standing from each other both vertically and horizontally, representing a great advantage during modification or replacement of a module or a single element.