desktop monitor support


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The metallic structure of the desks Kinesis, particularly refined, has a CYLINDER CONE-SHAPE. The special mechanism that composes it allows both the ability to rotate of 28° and also the ability to stay in line with the floor. This gives the possibility to the desk to change shape and aesthetics in a very easy way and without adding costs.
The ducted beam is an option made with chrome wire, this can be fixed by applying it to the left rod accessories, or you can slide it if mounted on telescopic runners.

Stability of the structure

The desk’s legs are always linked to each other thanks to the cylindrical telescopic beams. This allows various solutions and combinations, making the product particularly stable. The connection leg-beam occurs plug, made more stable by fixing screws for a very solid structure.
The legs may be equipped with telescopic guides which allow the sliding of the working top. This feature allows the operator to have easy access to the cable duct, under the top (cable duct and phone/electrical sockets, etc).

The legs of the desks, as well as having the standard depth of 60 cm and 80 cm, were also made with special depth of 125 cm and 165 cm. The special depths, in the case of call-centers, avoid double structures and then allow costs optimization improving competitiveness.