steel cladding / smooth / painted / pre-lacquered
GRANITE® HDX ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products



  • Material:


  • Finish:

    smooth, painted, pre-lacquered

  • Configuration:

    panel, strip, cassette

  • Other characteristics:

    for ventilated facades, incombustible, flexible, decorative


High levels of durability and colour stability for extreme environments

Granite® HDX is manufactured to perform, endure and remain colour stable and attractive even in the coldest of northern climates or the most sun-drenched of southern countries.

extended performance lifetime, supported by a guarantee of up to 30 years
aesthetic colour palette and metallic shades with outstanding colour and gloss retention
robust metallic substrate (Z225 to Z275 or equivalent) for high corrosion resistance and cut-edge protection
grained product for surface hardness and excellent robustness for handling and processing

Granite® HDX is ideal for roofing and external facades and is more than capable of dealing with harsh, cold northern and sunny southern climates and environments, including:
• Cold and wet environments
• Coastal regions (as close as 300 m to the sea)
• Sunny regions with strong UV radiation, such as Africa, The Middle East or The Caribbean
• Industrial and polluted areas
Granite® HDX can be formed into sandwich panels, cassettes, profiled sheets, solar shading elements and fins, blades or other narrow profile elements.
High UV and corrosion resistance, very good colour stability, robust surface coating, suitable for buildings exposed to harsh climatic or environmental conditions.
To ensure the best, most consistent quality of Granite® HDX, line products are regularly tested and subjected to outdoor exposure by independently certified bodies.