steel cladding / smooth / painted / high-gloss
GRANITE® SILKY SHINE ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products



  • Material:


  • Finish:

    smooth, painted, high-gloss, pre-lacquered

  • Configuration:

    panel, strip, cassette

  • Other characteristics:

    for ventilated facades, durable, incombustible, flexible, decorative


Granite® Silky Shine is a pre-painted steel for facade systems with a high-gloss luxurious skin that enhances the visibility and impact value of prestigious architectural buildings.

Granite® Silky Shine is suited for all types of formings used for facade systems and fully adapted to the manufacturing of sandwich panels.
Granite® Silky Shine benefits from the excellent mechanical properties of the steel substrate with an extra thick, flexible paint system, making it scratch resistant, durable and formable.
ArcelorMittal offers a guarantee of up to 20 years against perforation of the metallic substrate depending on building environment. Extended guarantees can be granted on request for specific projects.
Granite® Silky Shine is resistant to many chemicals and cleaning agents. Its slick surface makes it easy to clean.
Granite® Silky Shine’s glossy finish (≥ 80 GU) lasts over time, reflecting light like a diamond. Its high performing PVDF paint system provides an exceptional level of UV resistance and stability over time for all colours. Colours out of the colour palette are available upon request.
Granite® Silky Shine is part of the ArcelorMittal Nature range, free from heavy metals and chromates.
A dedicated and flexible logistics and manufacturing offer allows the production and delivery of small lots to suit specific projects’ requirements.

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