contemporary kitchen / stainless steel / oak / hidden
SPATIA Arclinea



  • Style:


  • Material...:

    stainless steel, oak

  • Configuration:

    hidden, island

  • Other characteristics:

    with recessed doors, with handles


With Spatia, the kitchen is increasingly the centre of the home. A project for creating kitchens large or small, that increases space in small and studio apartments and enables cooking, washing, ironing and storage functions to be hidden when not needed. A project that takes on board the evolving needs of the kitchen zone and brings a new angle to interiors, pushing living horizons to conceal its functions.
The Spatia living/kitchen service island is a central multi-functional element providing a focal point for interior design, thanks to the use of the Pocket concealed-door system, making it easier to plan integrated kitchen and living areas, increasing space in small and studio apartments. All the functions of the home can exist around the island: starting with the kitchen, cooking, washing and preservation and moving on to the living area, ending up with storage space, laundry, wardrobe, bathroom…
Spatia+Pocket in brown oak
Spatia with island and storage units in brown oak finish wood. On the wall, the Pocket recessed door system, again in brown oak.
Spatia+Pocket in Nordic Oak
Spatia in Nordic Oak and stainless steel, Pocket system housing washing and cooking functions and, to the sides, the WIC as a storage and laundry area.
Spatia+Pocket in Nordic Oak
Spatia island with worktop in Pure White Quarzo Tech, Elegant door and table in Nordic Oak. Pocket recessed door system.