aluminum roofing / composite / pre-lacquered / slate look
MINERAL DESIGN - ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE PANELS & SHEETS Arconic Architectural Products, Merxheim/Frankreic



  • Material:

    aluminum, composite

  • Other characteristics:


  • Appearance:

    slate look, roof tile look


MINERAL Design Collection - Unleash your creative mind with Mineral Design aluminium facade

According to the trend towards natural and timeless materials the collection MINERALS Design of Reynobond, Reynolux and Reynodual aluminium panel convinces with its textured design allowing the architect to create projects in a traditional look with unlimited creative freedom. Reynobond composite panel consisting of two coil-coated aluminium sheets around a polyethylene core. Reynolux pre-painted aluminium is easy to transform and allows to create original shapes. Reynodual aluminum panel is the first coil-coated double sheet aluminium panel. Thanks to their exceptional flatness and corrosion-resistance Reynobond and Reynolux and Reynodual aluminium panels are easy to use and to fabricate. This collection can be used for all kinds of application, as well as walls, roofs or facade cladding.

Our customers have the choice among four main ranges of effects for this collection MINERAL Design:
Concrete design on aluminium
Lime design on aluminium
Stone design on aluminium
Slate design on aluminium