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cotton placemat / polyester / for domestic use
WINDOW PERUGIA Arnaldo Caprai Gruppo Tessile srl



  • Material:

    cotton, polyester

  • Market:

    for domestic use


Precious macramè needle jewels that reproduce the rose window: an element set on the facade of the churches, that is the highest expression of the creativity and intelligence of artists.

Under the architectural point of view a rose window is a hole, even if it is filled with wonderful stone lace, which creates a special relationship between the exterior and the interior of the church.

A very large rose window which stands out on an extensive, almost abstract, surface.
The church façade is like a large chessboard with rosy squares which show up against a white marble grid (the same colours used for the rose window). The rose window features two wheels, around a central pivot with small columns and connecting arches. The arches of the inner row are more acutely pointed, while the outer ones are almost round and this contributes to “slow down” the centrifugal movement of the wheel towards the frieze.

Rose window diam. 30 cm

Lace composition:
42% Polyester
36% Cotton
22% Metallic Polyester

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