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cotton placemat / polyester / for domestic use
LACE ROSE WINDOW MOSCOW Arnaldo Caprai Gruppo Tessile srl



  • Material:

    cotton, polyester

  • Market:

    for domestic use


Precious macramè needle jewels that reproduce the rose window: an element set on the facade of the churches, that is the highest expression of the creativity and intelligence of artists.

Under the architectural point of view a rose window is a hole, even if it is filled with wonderful stone lace, which creates a special relationship between the exterior and the interior of the church.

It was begun in Neo-Gothic style in 1901 (the foundation stone was laid in 1899) by Tomasz Bohdanowicz-Dworzecki. The church, in red bricks, has many common elements with Milan Cathedral and Westminster Abbey and was built in a short time (just 10 years) but had a troubled history. It was closed to worship in 1938, seriously damaged during the war it risked demolition, then it was transformed into a storehouse and later a hostel. In 1996 it became a church again, then in 2002 it became a cathedral and was restored and reconsecrated in 2005. The large star-shaped rose window features eight large quatrefoil flowers that form an outer corolla.

Rose window diam. 30 cm

Lace composition:
42% Polyester
36% Cotton
22% Metallic Polyester

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