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cotton placemat / polyester / for domestic use
LACE ROSE WINDOW NEW YORK Arnaldo Caprai Gruppo Tessile srl



  • Material:

    cotton, polyester

  • Market:

    for domestic use


Precious macramè needle jewels that reproduce the rose window: an element set on the facade of the churches, that is the highest expression of the creativity and intelligence of artists.

Under the architectural point of view a rose window is a hole, even if it is filled with wonderful stone lace, which creates a special relationship between the exterior and the interior of the church.

The church, begun in 1892, in the area of Columbia University, and not yet finished (only two thirds of the church have been completed), is over 180 metres long and 45 metres wide and it will be the biggest cathedral in the world. In its present state it can host 10,000 people.
Curiously enough what happened in the planning and building of medieval European cathedrals has repeated itself here: starting from 1911, the neo-Gothic part by Ralph Adams Cram was added to the original Romanesque Cathedral by Heins and La Fange, also featuring clear references to present-day New York (some capitals are decorated with masses of skyscrapers). Also the main façade, on the western side, is neo-Gothic and it features a large rose window completed in 1933. The rose window is characterized by the same flamboyant centrifugal movement of North European Gothic rose windows: a series of 16 petals radiates from the central mystical rose-Greek crossquatrefoil flower, then becoming a complex motif made of intersecting arches. The colour of the stained glass heightens the star-shaped centre and the four cardinal points so as to make it possible to see, from inside the church, the symbology of the cross.

Rose window diam. 30 cm

Lace composition:
42% Polyester
36% Cotton
22% Metallic Polyester

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