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contemporary table / metal / wood veneer / laminate
NUUR by Simon Pengelly Arper


  • Style:


  • Material:

    metal, wood veneer, laminate

  • Shape:

    rectangular, square

  • Market:


  • Height:


  • Length:

    Min.: 79 cm (31.1 in)

    Max.: 240 cm (94.49 in)

  • Width:

    137, 90, 100, 79


Designed by Simon Pengelly, Nuur is the essential form of a table distilled: a single plane
balanced on four legs. Its universality makes Nuur supremely adaptable, integrating effortlessly
into any environment––from contract to residential, from the workplace to the intimate space of
the home.
Originally designed in square or rectangular tabletops of colored laminate or wood veneer, Nuur
expands its visual vocabulary with the addition of four new Fenix colorways: black, white, Bromo
Grey, and Colorado Pink. It’s a distinctive new coat for a chameleon with endless adaptability