fabric wallcovering / mica / home / commercial



  • Material:

    fabric, mica

  • Market:

    home, commercial

  • Finish:


  • Options:

    interior, decorative, handmade


Traditional craftsmanship

This collection is an ode to high-quality, traditional craftsmanship. The wallcovering is made of pure, natural materials, from minerals and grasses to tropical plants. Experienced artisans pleat, weave and dye with boundless passion and patience. They turn these materials by hand into beautiful, unique wallcoverings.

Made of real mica flakes*. The sheets with the mica flakes are hand-dyed, after which large, irregular shapes are punched through them. These are carefully inlaid into a repetitive pattern. The pattern is a modern interpretation of the colourful, classic terrazzo floors.

Large sheets with mica flakes* are hand-dyed for this pattern. Then rectangles are stamped out of them with the utmost care. These shapes are then glued by hand into the pattern, so that they impart a beautiful yet not too rigid effect. For some wallcoverings, we use mica in a single colour, while in others we combine three colours in a random pattern.