indoor tile / wall / slate / geometric pattern
KITES by Matteo Bianchi Artesia



  • Location:


  • Installation:


  • Material:


  • Motif:

    geometric pattern

  • Finish:



Matteo Bianchi On Chair 2Matteo Bianchi is a leading international interior designer based in London whose approach to design is Chic & Distinctive. Born in the inspiring City of Venice, Matteo has since opportunely lived in many countries since and came to train at the University of the Arts, Chelsea in London – where he now also teaches. Matteo understands good craftsmanship and elegant design, which is part of the Venetian culture. Combine this with a natural talent, curiosity and great passion; Matteo successfully leads a global design consultancy.

“A fantastic piece that creates drama and subtle elegance, merging two colour-ways of slate, which helps to give a sense of direction. It is related to a playful and free spirited activity such as Kite flying, allowing for a free, creative and open mind, leading to endless possibilities.”