contemporary shelf / walnut / beech / for offices
AMT-580 ArtesMoble



  • Style:


  • Material:

    walnut, beech

  • Market:

    for offices


The Office Bookcase is manufactured double sided, it belongs to our collection of Contemporary High Quality Furniture. Original design of the ArtesMoble brand, that features simple lines and light appearance, decorated with chamfered moldings and fine geometric figures.

Open sides and fixed shelves bookcase, that is finished on its four sides, it can go against a wall or in the middle of a room to be used as a room divider. The bookcase can be manufactured in different heights, as ideal storage to fit under-stairs area, According to the selected tonality, this furniture can be integrated in modern, contemporary, and classic office styles.
Matching other furniture from our collection such as, desks, consoles, tall chest of drawers, and coffee tables, to compose classy and functional workspaces.
Each bookshelf is formed by four molding pilasters with a chamfer in its inner vertex, and a trim ribbed exterior vertex, all crowned by fine geometric figures, which create a whole unit of four, five, or six fixed shelves, according to needs. where the wavy grain patterns of the Spanish walnut wood are arranged along their length, and surrounded by matching moldings.
Set of bookcases of light and soft look, that combines the beauty of spanish walnut wood, the robustness of the beech wood, the know-how of great Spanish joinery, and the experience of the best furniture professionals in Spain.
Measurements T-580 / T-581 / T-582 / T-583

Width: 95 cm | Depth: 36 cm | Height: 129 cm

Width: 95 cm | Depth: 36 cm | Height: 165 cm

Width: 95 cm | Depth: 36 cm | Height: 202 cm

Width: 60 cm | Depth: 36 cm | Height: 202 cm