Victorian display case / wooden / glass
T-559 ArtesMoble



  • Style:


  • Material:

    glass, wooden


The elegant and decorative corner vitrine is finished by all sides. Vitrine that belongs to our collection of Classic High Quality Furniture. Design inspired by the Victorian style and original of the ArtesMoble brand, that features straight and fine moldings.

This design is an ideal piece of furniture to show off decorative objects, awards, antique households, and collectible items. Finished by all sides, the vitrine can go against a wall, or free standing to separate environments. According to the selected tonality, our display cabinet can be integrated in modern, contemporary, and classic styles, matching other furniture from our collection, such as, sofas, chest of drawers, and consoles, to create classy, elegant, and functional rooms decorations.

The vitrine is formed by an architectural crown molding, followed by a glass structure with a lockable door, which gives access to an interior distributed with four fixed shelves, and a lower drawer with knob. The wavy grain patterns of the Spanish walnut wood are arranged along their length by the shelves, base, and crown molding, and vertically on the sides and drawer front. The entire piece rests on four double-sided tapered legs, that add height and enhance the furniture light-appearance, as well as, to protect it from possible damp.

Elegant and functional corner classic vitrine, that combines the beauty of Spanish walnut wood, the robustness of the beech wood, the know-how of great Spanish joinery, and the experience of the best furniture professionals in Spain.