contemporary bookcase / for offices / walnut
T-846A230 ArtesMoble



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    for offices

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Bookcase with stainless steel frame, which belongs to our collection of Contemporary High Quality Furniture. Original design of the ArtesMoble brand, that features simple and elegant lines, decorated with stainless steel over mitred and beveled cuts on moldings.

It is possible to add drawers, doors, or a combination of both within the lower shelf of the bookcase. According to the selected tonality, this design can be integrated in modern, contemporary, and classic office styles. Matching other furniture from our collection such us, offices tables, filing cabinets, chest of drawers, consoles, and coffee tables, to create elegant and functional office environments.

The bookcase brings out a modern look when its front frame is covered with stainless steel inox, and develops a sober image by leaving its fronts in wood. As per request of some ad-hoc projects, we can cover its frame with other noble materials such as brass, and gold leaf.

The library is formed by a stainless steel front frame(optional), over mitred and beveled cuts on moldings.There are four interior shelves, two of them are fixed to reinforce the furniture, and the rest are adjustable in height. According to needs, we can add doors, drawers or a combination of both, within the lower shelf of the bookcase. The wavy grain patterns of the Spanish walnut wood are arranged along their length by the shelves, and vertically by the sides, doors and drawers fronts. Furthermore, the front doors and drawers have a clean design, free of handles, with a push to open mechanism, and the drawers have full extraction glides.