contemporary dining table / stainless steel / walnut / beech
T-810 ArtesMoble



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  • Material:

    walnut, beech, stainless steel

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Fixed Dining table of light-look, it features stainless steel inox legs, and Spanish Walnut wood lid, that belongs to our collection of Contemporary High Quality Furniture. Original design by the ArtesMoble brand, that brings out a contrast of sensations, by combining perfectly the innate richness and warmth of Spanish walnut wood, with the coolness and modernity of stainless steel.

Depending on the selected tonality, the table can be integrated in modern, contemporary, and classic dining rooms, matching other furniture from our collection, such as, sideboards, tea-bar tables, and chairs, to create light-look, elegant, and classy dining styles.

The wavy grain patterns of the Spanish Walnut wood are arranged along their length on the lid, which rests on two stainless steel inox legs, each leg features inset twin end supports.

Rectangular fixed table of clean lines and light appearance, that combines the beauty of Spanish walnut wood, the classiness of the stainless steel, the robustness of the beech wood, the know-how of great Spanish joinery, and the experience of the best furniture professionals in Spain.