conference table touch screen / wall-mounted / retractable
DYNAMIC2 Arthur Holm



  • Applications:

    conference table

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Dynamic X2 monitors have vertical and automatic 20° tilting movements to ensure the best ergonomics, visibility and viewing angle. They feature an automatic tilt system that provides a fast, low noise and robust response, offering a highly reliable and maintenance-free solution. The whole product range can be customised adding single or double retractable synchronised microphones, built in DynamicTalk, speakers, voting systems, USB connectors, camera and keyboard. Anodisation in different colours is also possible. Dynamic X2 have slightly curved edges with an optional black edged anti-reflection glass that can also be a multitouch screen. The special treatment on the glass reduces the mirror effect without distorting the purity of the colours, which are shown with total naturalism. Monitors are provided with a security system, which stops them in case of resistance. The use of ERT interfaces allows an easy and cost effective remote control and remote diagnose.

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