retractable microphone / conference table


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    retractable, conference table


DynamicTalk is available in 3 standard sizes for short, medium and large microphones with XLR connector. It is also available customized versions for all types and sizes of conference systems microphones with optional integration of manufacturer's interfaces on the cover plate. The cover plate is made of brushed stainless steel and can be veneered with different materials for a less intrusive table surface desk and to perfectly match the table finish. This unique system not only makes the microphone disappear within the desk surface but also provides a pleasant interior light to indicate its status. Microphones are safetely stored and protected and enable meeting and conference spaces to be versatile since tables can be usable for different purposes. The system comprises a light ring that appears in the microphone base, when this is in raised position. DynamicTalk has 2 different working modes: PA and Conference. When in PA mode, a push button placed on the cover plate, allows to activate or de-activate the microphone. The light ring will indicate the status by changing color, from green to red. The system will silent the microphone when this is in retracted position. When in conference mode, the microphone will always be active and both the light ring and the access to the push button on the cover plate will be available through a connector (GPI/GPO). In this mode, the system is ready to be connected and controlled through a conference system.


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