commercial iPad® stand
DynamicTabLift pour l'iPad® d'Apple® Arthur Holm


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Motorised lift system for Apple® iPad®. Turn your iPad® into a screen that can be hidden when not in use to ensure a clear working environment. Motorised lift system for Apple® iPad®. The lift system comes with both vertical and horizontal motorised adjusting in order to create the perfect viewing angle by tilting the monitor to a maximum of 20 degrees. An advanced fixing mechanism ensures a steady position of the iPad® even when the touch-screen is in use. The upper cover plate is made of brushed stainless steel to ensure durability and nice design at the same time. Different colours and an embedded power supply are possible as well. This lift system can be controlled locally using the two buttons located on the cover plate, remotely through external GPI controls (contact closure) or AH-Net Protocol (RS422).


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