retractable microphone / conference table



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    retractable, conference table


DynamicTalkH is a horizontal lift for gooseneck microphones. The system has been specially
developed to optimize the space underneath the table where it will be installed; room for legs
won’t be a problem any longer. Silent, remotely controllable and yet elegant, reliable and easy to install, it’s easy to install and can be veneered to match table’s surface. The system allows the microphone to be bended and it automatically takes it back to its original horizontal position.

DynamicTalkH not only makes the microphone disappear within the desk surface but it also
provides a pleasant interior light to indicate its status (the light can change from red to green). Microphones are safely stored and protected and the meeting and conference rooms become versatile to be used for different purposes.

DynamicTalkH has 2 different working modes: PA and Conference; also DynamicTalkH can be
remotely controlled and diagnosable though the AHnet open protocol (RS-422).

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