home automation system control module


  • Type:

    for home automation systems


GSM controllers for telemetry systems, remote signaling and switching by SMS text messaging or DTMF over the GSM network. A text message can be sent to the GSM remote control unit to trigger a relay to switch on and off different devices. The telemetry unit can also send a text message to the GSM phone in response to an input change from attached sensor. Wide range of input sensors and accessories.

The TGR series of a high-efficient GSM remote controllers specially designed to use as stand-alone units or in the combination with video surveillance or alarm equipment. Built-in GSM module with different interfaces enable simple and easy control and management of complete electrical and electronic equipment through GSM mobile phone. Built-in relays enable remote control of different household and other devices as are air-conditioning and heating. The connections with other alarm equipment and additional sensors enable remote intruder and fire surveillance and voltage and temperature measuring and management.

The control of the unit is possible by the help of SMS text messages or by the help of tone (DTMF) dialing. Alarming is possible by receiving the SMS text messages or by alarm calls or by the combination of both of them. Interactive voice responder confirms the requests during DTMF control or inform about the kind of alarm when alarm occurs. The units enable also speaker and microphone connection for remote communication. Programming is possible by the help of SMS text messages or by PC with the help of RS-232 serial interface.

This GSM remote control units come in three versions, Basic, Advance and Reference.