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Free-standing bathtub / acrylic / medical / whirlpool


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    medical, whirlpool


One of the most important activities that takes place at a traditional spa is balneotherapy, a natural approach to health and healing that uses hot spring water, gases, mud, and climatic factors (such as heat) as therapeutic elements.
The term Balneology refers to the study of the art and science of bathing. The aim of these treatments is to enhance the immune system, stimulate circulatory process including lymph and blood circulation, and accelerate cell activity, dilating tissue and vessels in order to activate self healing.
Balneotherapy is a natural therapy which makes the best use of natural elements, such as hot springs, climatic factors, chronoboiological and circadian rhythmic phases and natural herbal substances.
In Japan, the traditional form of balneotherapy is hot water spring bathing; in Europe, mineral bathing. Both are characterized by repeated immersion of the whole body in hot water that is stimulating to the body.
For centuries the benefits of therapeutic bathing have been recognized for the ability to relieve pain and improve the general well being of the body and the spirit. In fact, Balneotherapy is one of the oldest medical procedures, well known and widely regarded throughout Europe & Asia, where people have historically flocked to luxury spas for recreation and treatment.


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