playground play structure / HDPE / metal
2073 / 6073 SN SET Astrus Playgrounds



  • Location:

    for playgrounds

  • Material:

    HDPE, metal


Age:3-14 y/o
Free fall height:1,0 m
Height:3,1 m
Safe zone:7,2 x 7,3 m
PN-EN 1176:2009YES

Two options available: stainless steel or galvanized and powder coated steel.


steel posts (stainless steel or galvanized and powder coated steel)
weather-resistant high-density polyethylene HDPE (roofs, enclosures)
ropes with steel core
metal elements - galvanized and powder coated steel
anti-skid plates
slide: stainless steel + HDPE sides

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