electric range cooker / dual-fuel / commercial



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    electric, dual-fuel

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Stainless steel frame. Double-skinned moulded internal oven doors and heavy-duty handles. Athermic thermoset plastic knobs.

Heating obtained through single or double-crown stabilized flame burners with different power ratings.

Each burner provided with a safety gas cock, which enables the output to be regulated from maximum to minimum. Safety ensured by a thermocouple kept active by the flame of the pilot burner.

Surface grids and burners made of alkali, acid and fire resistant matt RAF enamelled cast iron.

Surface grids placed on moulded surfaces with rounded edges for easy cleaning and avoiding liquid overflowing.

Stainless steel moulded trays with rounded edges, placed under the burners and easily removable for cleaning.

Two electric static ovens 2/1 GN.

Oven removable grill consists of round steel bars covered with a protective film.

Oven floor made of made of a fusion of cast iron strengthened by a series of ribs.

Insulation of the cooking chamber and of the oven door ensured by a layer of high temperature resistant ceramic fibre.

Height-adjustable stainless steel legs.

Tested with natural gas or LPG, according to the user's needs.

Accessories available on demand.