indoor door / swing / sliding / oak



  • Type:


  • Opening system:

    swing, sliding

  • Material:

    oak, walnut

  • Other characteristics:


  • Height:

    204 cm (80.31 in)

  • Width:

    83 cm (32.68 in)


Refined door with contemporary look

*Finish : wenge oak

Our doors are made with wood species vacuum-dried in our workshops (10 to 12% humidity).
Mouldings and joints according to cabinet makers’ ancestral techniques.
• Tenon and mortise glued and dowelled joints
• Mitered Moulding 33mm identical on both faces
• Flat strips panels on double face

Interior doors come in various species : Limba wood (exotic wood, known as African walnut), lime wood, French chesnut oak, French oak, cherry wood and French walnut.
Doors are fitted with 3 brushed notched stainless steel hinges 140mm and slot-in locker of best quality JPM brand. In optional a magnetic lock.
*size : 204 x 73cm – *frame 72mm (*other on request)
(unit pricing is for information purpose as discribed above, without hardware, glazingless, without batten – Do not hesitate to ask us for a quotation)

Doors are provided glazed or ready to glaze, fully paneled or sliding door*.(*overlay or to apply in partition frame we can provide). We also make raw door to be applied in existing frames.

• Finishes : natural oil, mat varnish, wenge oak, lead white oak, bleached oak…
Classic patina coating :fine second sanding, stain of your choice, solid basecoat, abrasing and waxing sealant finish :
• 2012 trends : mat varnish, natural oil, smoked oak finish

• Doors can be made in various sizes of your choice:
– Straight frame,
– Lowered arch, radius 10cm (or other)
– Basket-handle shape
– Semicircular arch