indoor tile / for floors / porcelain stoneware / matte
AXI Atlas Concorde



  • Location:


  • Installation:

    for floors

  • Material:

    porcelain stoneware

  • Finish:


  • Appearance:

    parquet look, wood effect

  • Color:

    white, brown, black

  • Other characteristics:

    European Eco-label

  • Length:

    90 cm (35.43 in)

  • Width:

    22.5 cm, 15 cm (8.86 in)

  • Thickness:

    20 mm


Axi interprets, in a contemporary way, different wood essences enhanced by the natural ravages of time on surfaces rich in intriguing chromatic contrasts. The vital energy of wood filters through the dependable and resistant full-body coloured porcelain stoneware, in which every detail accentuates the marked character of the inspirational material.