indoor tile / wall / porcelain stoneware / plain
ARKSHADE Atlas Concorde



  • Location:


  • Installation:


  • Material:

    porcelain stoneware

  • Motif:


  • Finish:

    matte, high-gloss

  • Configuration:


  • Dimensions.:

    60x60 cm, 30x60 cm, 45x90 cm, 75x150 cm

  • Other characteristics:



The Arkshade collection of porcelain floor tiles and white body wall tiles is purely metropolitan and full of architectural glamor, perfect for designer environments and conceived for residential and commercial interior design. Thanks to the dichotomy between compact backgrounds and geometric decorations, it lends itself to a thousand original, customizable and elegant decor solutions.
Arkshade colors are solid, softly shaded, developed in both neutral colors and, for the white body wall tiles, in intense and decisive variants. Their minimalist appearance makes them easy to combine with mosaics, graphics and precious shapes. So even bold and modern projects can find their match, coordinated with an unmistakable elegance.

ARKSHADE_ Coloured body porcelain tiles
Arkshade porcelain tiles products are produced in five different neutral and clean tones in two versions: matte and honed. The matte surface, available in sizes up to 120x120 cm - 471/4”x471/4” and 120x240 cm - 471/4”x941/2”, has a very fine microstructure that offers extremely inviting surfaces, pleasing both to the eye and to the touch. The polished surface, provides a mirror finish and is available in five sizes, from 30x60 cm - 113/4”x235/8” up to 75x150 cm - 291/2”x59”.