home automation system touch screen / built-in



  • Applications:

    for home automation systems

  • Installation:



Behind an elegant color LCD 4.3” display there is a highly advanced control center that is able to perform all the functions of evolved DOMINA plus home automation system. Through a graphical interface with icons and an interactive menu you have the ability to control your home in a comfortable and completely intuitive way.

In addition to supervision functions, thanks to an external temperature probe, the Mini Touch Screen can act as home automation programmable thermostat allowing a complete management of the thermal zone where is placed.

The DOMINA plus Supervisor 4,3” can be oriented and work both horizontally or vertically. 
The compatibility with 3+3 plates of Ave’s "Sistema 44" makes it suitable for integration into any furniture solution giving to user a large choice between glass plates (Vera), metal (Zama) or polymer (Personal) ones.