access control card reader / for hotels



  • Function:

    for access control

  • Market:

    for hotels


Ave offers an exclusive and technological room access control system for hotel that perfectly matches with the other electrical devices. This system consists of two types of appliances: the external reader and the internal one, whose union born a highly advanced room access control system, a secure flexible and reliable solution that allows operators to monitor all access to any rooms and so to have the total control on the structure, its employees or also to create spa packages for guests.

The integrated MIFARE® technology in fact enable the generation of card with a higher level of security and allows to incorporate advanced services inside them (such as the ability to insert third parts’ payment systems into the Ave card) with a premier reading performance. Depending on how they are configured and installed, Ave readers are able to work both in stand-alone mode or in networked solution in order to meet the different system and installation requirements.