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SWEET GARDEN SG05 AXIUM solutions aluminium



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The Sweet Garden range is designed and produced in France.
The choice of materials (powder-coated aluminium and stainless steel), the care for maximum eciency and an ideal design have enabled production of a product combining aesthetics, reliability and sustainability.

In addition to their aesthetic qualities and durability, the aluminium fencing and aluminium privacy screen have the advantage of requiring little maintenance. The regular refurbishment of your fencing is nally ended; once applied, the coating has an unequalled lifespan.

The Sweet Garden range has been produced to enable simple but ecient installation. The product is comprised of panels made totally in aluminium and pre-assembled at the factory. The panels are xed one after another with each plate accommodating the side edge of each of the panels.

Rigorous standards in the design and development of the Sweet Garden range have enabled the manufacture of a product with a rened design.

You can maintain your privacy in line with your wishes.

5 dierent blades enable a wide choice of the screening level.

Aluminium endows our products with nesse, performance and elegance.