in-ground swimming pool / concrete / one-piece / commercial
Azenco Groupe



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  • Options:

    with integrated LED lighting, with cover, child's, with movable floor

  • Location:

    outdoor, indoor

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Entirely made in the factory, the Pooldeck microswimming pool is optimized for small spaces. The concrete hull is very durable over time. The movable floor will be directly integrated into the microswimming pool during production to save time.

The concrete microswimming pool is very solid and easy to install. The movable floor will be delivered at the same time as the microswimming pool because it will already be integrated into the pool. The innovative movable floor system saves an incredible amount of space and the Pooldeck movable floor complies with the French safety standard NF P90-308. The movable floor, which can also be used as a terrace, is a real daily comfort.

The 10 m² microswimming pool does not require any prior administrative authorization.

The movable floor can be sold separately from the microswimming pool.

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