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sensor toilet flush / for urinals
BK00795 B&K Ltd.



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  • Applications:

    for urinals


Infra-red controlled single pissoir flush, mounted in a plastic box, with magnetic valve, filtered angle valve and stainless steel front plate. (In models, marked in their names also the 230V/24V mains transformer has been built)
- Operation is fully automatic, because flush is done without human intervention.
- Flush is done after leaving the pissoir according to the period, adjusted in the factory.
- Hygienic, because start of flush is done without human touch.
- Water-saving because it uses only 2-3 l water when flushing.
- It has been designed for long life duration, cleaning and maintenance is simple.
- The infra-red sensor and the electronic card, belonging to it have been placed on the back side of the front plate, in a completely closed, plastic case.
- The magnetic valve and the electronics work from 24 V; 50 Hz.
- The appliance doesn't answer any disturbing light reflexion, because a special, only infra light permitting through, plastic, protecting window has been built in front of the diodes.
- It can be parametered - because of the microcontroller basis control - that is why sensitivity, perception and flushing time can be adjusted (even on the location).
- Model with hidden-screw front plate is vandal-proof and aesthetic, because doesn't contain directly touchable spareparts (fittings).
- Single pissoir flush can be built also in some types of mounting brackets