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IRIS balcom CTC


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IRIS series of CTC entrance audio systems offer integrated solutions to all modern building requirements. The CTC technological predominance, based upon international specifications, makes its products the most reliable and sure solution.
Chime, handset inphone in 3 colours, equipped with button for door release and auxiliary button for additional function. Communication capacity from the door: up to 10 users, with entrance blocking. Internal communication capacity: up to 11 users.

Desktop console in white colour
Perfect sound and acoustic quality
There is option of intercommunication between entrance and apartments
Parallel connection up to 3 Inphones
Combination and adjustment of all CTC entrance audio and video systems to all installation types through only 2 wires (BUS system)
or through the standard wiring 4+Ν and 7+Ν
Special colours available at extra charge
Dimensions: 220 x 90 x 55 mm


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