audio/video controller



Compact X.11 display controller driving up to 16 HD displays

Native X.11-Server technology
Transparent , unrestricted use of the entire video wall for X.11-applications
Barco-unique Multicursor Extension
Up to 16 HD outputs in combination with Barco's video walls

Barco's TransForm NGX-210 display controller is a compact and silent X.11 video wall controller, perfectly suited for driving small video walls or personal operator displays.

Based on Linux OS and native X-Server technology, the design of the system consequently excludes any incompatibility or performance issues of emulation systems, and makes the system a perfect display controller for all types of X.11 clients and applications.
Mature and hassle-free, with unique X.11 extensions

On top of the standard X.11 functionality the system excels with functional extensions like Barco’s unique Multi Cursor extension XMC for supporting multiple operators on a single wall, and IP stream decoding for displaying streaming IP videos (h.264, mpeg4, mpeg2) and network-streamed desktop content using Barco’s ProServer functionality on the video wall. The mature architecture of the system ensures hassle-free installation and 24/7 operation.