audio/video controller



Single display controller

Plug-in single display output node for TransFormN systems
Driving displays up to UHD resolution
Universal IP streaming video decoding
Local application support

Barco's TransForm WSM-100 is a compact Plug-in video wall controller perfectly suited for monitoring all types of networked video sources. It enables customers to capture networked sources from anywhere and display them on a display in combination with high resolution 3D images. The highly flexible mechanical design of the TransForm WSM-100 allows either plugging it into an OPS slot of an OPS-supporting display device, or attach it at the rear side of a monitor with a VESA mount, or operate it standalone.

TransForm WSM-100 is a fully qualified single display controller for Barco's advanced CMS control room management software. TransForm WSM-100 allows organizing display content in a smart way to enhance knowledge and improve decision-making.
Fully integrated into networked visualization system

TransForm WSM-100 can be used as a multimedia terminal within a networked visualization system, capable of controlling up to 2 HD displays. This offers customers a complete overview of data, while providing them with interaction and collaboration possibilities. As such, information can be shared between multiple sites, making crucial information omnipresent throughout your organization and beyond.