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FS70-W6 Barco

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video projector video projector - FS70-W6


WUXGA laser-phosphor projector with NVG stimulation

Designed for simulation
Night Vision Goggles stimulation
Durable and robust for 24/7 operation
High brightness (5,500 lumen)
Long lifetime (up to 60,000 hours)

The FS70-W6 is a laser-phosphor projector with WUXGA resolution that was built specifically for simulation applications. This dedicated IR projector answer to the simulation market's specific requirements - including high robustness, longer lifetime, and laser-sharp image quality. It also allows for full individual control of visual and IR intensity to stimulate Night Vision Goggles with IR transmission at 740nm. Dual iris and optical filters ensure better contrast and higher black levels.

Fitted with protective metal encasing the entire projector, Barco’s FS70 is robust enough to withstand a motion platform's rapid and sudden movements, making it the perfect choice for this type of applications. With a lifetime of up to 60,000 hours (depending on the mode of operation), the FS70 is one of the most durable projectors on the market today.