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XDL-4K30 Barco

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video projector video projector - XDL-4K30


30,000 lumens, 4K, 3-chip DLP RGB laser large venue projector

Stunning experiences thanks to bright 4K images in REC 2020 colors
Low total cost of ownership thanks to laser light source and brightness levels
Reduced installation time through zero alignment

The XDL-4K30 boasts 30,000 lumens brightness with extraordinary colors. For bigger screens, more pixels, more impact. Plus incredible RGB laser performance, signal flexibility up to a comfortable 120 Hz, and no alignment.

Images that speak
Offer visitors crisper, more realistic contrast for greater impact with images of breathtaking depth thanks to their native 4K resolution up to 120Hz.

Cost-saving design
Want to drive down your cost-per-lumen? A single XDL is the answer. Their RGB laser light source slash image flicker and lamp-related costs and maintenance (such as lamp replacements). Compared to xenon projectors, the XDLs also consume 40% less power - and you can re-use your existing Barco XLD+ lenses. Truly reliable, expect a lifetime of up to 20,000 hours with minimum downtime.

Easy to set up and use
Installing one projector is always easier than having to install several. It means less equipment to transport and set up – and fewer possible points of failure. XDL speeds up installation by reducing alignment time. The projectors provide an exceptional lens shift of up to 100% so you can install them anywhere you like. You can also easily match images to your projection surface using on-board real-time warping and blending.