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sealing coating / outdoor / indoor / floor



  • Function:


  • Location:

    outdoor, indoor

  • Type of support:

    floor, for concrete

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Lithium and polymer based agent for the curing, strengthening and sealing of concrete surfaces

NANOSEAL is a highly-efficient chemical agent for the curing and sealing of concrete surfaces. The most advanced technology using elements of NANOTECHNOLOGY® of polymer, silicate and lithium compounds of the highest silicate modules allows to obtain a highly-resistant cement matrix of extreme physical and chemical properties thanks to the penetration and strengthening of concrete at the mo-lecular level. Additional modification with a specially selected polymer binding agent provides the maximum level of sealing the concrete by bonding those ingredients of the concrete matrix that are devoid of free calcium compounds. The agent based on lithium silicate deeply penetrates the surface of concrete and by entering into reaction with free calcium hydroxide creates a hard, resistant, tight and coherent structure. Thanks to the application of NANOSEAL, the surface is protected against dusting, penetration of liquid substances (oil, salt solutions), moisture and alkaline blooming. Hard, abrasion resistant surface still remains a vapour-permeable structure, which prevents the creation of destructive pressures inside the floor plate. A surface protected with NANOSEAL is easy to keep clean.

To be used on old and newly-made concrete floors in warehouses, production halls, food and pharmaceutical production plants, com-mercial and religious facilities.
ATTENTION: As it is modified with polymers, the product is not to be used in the polished concrete technology. Best results are obtained on concrete floors floated mechanically.