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polypropylene fiber reinforcing fiber / for concrete



  • Composition:

    polypropylene fiber

  • Support:

    for concrete


BAUCON Fibrillated Polypropylene Fibre is product which can be incorporated into concrete mixtures to minimize cracking due to the inherent shrinkage of concrete. BAUCON Fibres can also increase the impact resistance and toughness (the ability to absorb energy), therefore reducing rejected product

BAUCON Polypropylene Fibre can be used as secon- dary reinforcement to reduce plastic and hardened concrete shrinkage while improving the toughness of the substrate. The 12 mm length of the fibres provides excellent secondary reinforcement to the concrete while having minimal affect on the apparent slump of the mixture.

BAUCON Polypropylene Fibre can be added with the coarse and fine aggregates at the central batch facility, or directly into the truck mixer at the jobsite.When BAUCON Fibre is added at the jobsite to the mixer drum,the user should mix the fiber into the concrete for five minutes before discharge.If the mixing drum is loaded at less than 50%of its rated capacity,arrange for the concrete to be drawn near the back of the mixer before introducing the bags of fiber.
If the slump of the concrete is to be measured, the measurement should be made prior to the introduction of fibre,or the inspector should be made aware that the apparent slump measured for fibre reinforced concrete measures lower than for non-fibre reinforced concrete. The fibre reinforced concrete will be placeable by conventional methods;however,the apparent stiffness of the material may cause construction workers to want to add unnecessary water to the mixture.This should be avoided.