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polyurethane sealant / protective / leak-proofing



  • Composition:


  • Function:

    protective, leak-proofing


BAUFLEX is a range of two component, catalyst cured sealants for load bearing, saw cut or preformed control joints which require a higher degree of joint arris protection from impact of wheeled traffic than can be provided by traditional jointing sealants. BAUFLEX is designed to provide penetration into joints and is available in two degrees of hardness and flexibility.
BAUFLEX 25 is very flexible material possessing outstanding resistance to deterioration due to weathering, ultra-violet, attack by chemicals present in industrial atmosphere and the ability to withstand repeated cycles of compression and extension over a wide temperature range
BAUFLEX 65 is harder material than BAUFLEX 25 but still with a good degree of flexibility. Contraction joints should be left ideally for 30 days to allow the maximum concrete shrinkage to take place prior to filling.


BAUFLEX 25 is designed for external areas where maximum movement is desirable, BAUFLEX 65 - is designed for internal horizontal saw cuts or preformed control joints in facilities such as warehouses, production plants and food processing areas where joints are subject to loading involving wear and impact. It can also be used for repairing concrete slabs which have experienced random cracking due to shrinkage.


good chemical, impact and abrasion resistance offering excellent protection to the joint arris
low viscosity ensures simplicity of mixing and application
rapid set minimises traffic disruptions, thus allowing floor areas to be placed into service quickly.